Request for FMA levy relief

If you registered your company (or companies) on the Financial Service Providers Register between 25 November 2019 and 18 March 2020, the registration fees you paid included a Financial Markets Authority (FMA) levy of $460.00 (plus GST).

However, new regulations offer relief from this levy for those who:

  • rely on a sole-adviser exemption in the current regime, and
  • have registered a company on the FSPR between 25 November 2019 and 28 September 2020 and indicated the company’s intention to apply for a transitional financial advice provider licence or to be an authorised body under another financial advice provider’s licence.

If you registered your company on the FSPR from 19 March 2020, the levy was automatically waived, you do not need to request a refund.

How to apply

After you have registered your company (or companies) on the FSPR you can complete this request for relief.

Personal information
Your full legal name
Financial Service Provider (FSP) information

In the 'Company details' field below, please provide the details of the company (or companies) that you have registered on the FSPR as a financial advice provider. For each company, please provide both the company's name and its FSP registration number.

Please make sure you review the information above before submitting your request. If your application is accepted, the FMA levy of $460.00 (plus GST) should be reimbursed within 12 working days.