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How to get Authority

Use the Registrar Approval Service to apply for Authority online.

Before you begin you must be registered to use the website.  Read more…


Applying for Authority

Step 1 - Login

Step 2 - Search the register for the FSP you want authority for.  

Step 3 - Select My Tools then choose Request Authority.


The first thing you need to confirm to us is who you are requesting Authority for - is it for you individually or for your organisation?

For example, if you are a director of a company registered on the FSPR select the individual option followed by the option of director.  A list of the company's directors will then appear and you will need to indicate which director you are.

If you work for an organisation and are maintaining registrations on behalf of that organisation, you should select the second option 'I want to request authority on behalf of my organisation'.

You're now able to move on to the next step 'Confirming Authority'.


Confirming Authority

When requesting Authority there are different requirements for individuals and those requesting authority on behalf of an organisation.



If you are an individual using this service you will need to provide proof of identity (in the form of a drivers licence or passport).  You will need to upload or fax a copy of this ID to the FSPR before authority can be granted.



If you are requesting authority on behalf of your organisation, we will require a signed 'Letter of Authorisation'. This letter of authorisation must:

  • be printed on your organisation's letterhead.
  • state that your organisation has authority to affect change over the FSP that you are requesting authority for.
  • include the name and number of the FSP you are requesting authority for. Each authority request is specific to a FSP.


Upload an electronic copy of the signed letter using the online.  Alternatively you can fax it to us at 0508 437 732 (0508 4 FSP FAX).  The FSPR will process authority requests within three working days and confirm whether the authority request has been accepted or rejected via email.

Please note | Only the following file formats will be accepted when using the online Registrar Authority Approval Service:

  • .doc
  • pdf.


Last updated 20 February 2017