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Searching the FSPR

Search the Financial Service Providers Register

You can search for registered FSPs by entering your search criteria here.

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To view instant results on screen just begin entering your search criteria into the 'Search' field above.

  • For an entity enter the first word or two of the entity's name (e.g. the company name).
  • For an individual you should enter their surname first.

A list of possible matches will be displayed on screen and you can click on any one of these results to view the details of that registration.

Click on the SEARCH button to display the complete search results for your search criteria.  From the search results screen you have the option of conducting an Advanced search

[icon] High level alert.

Registration as a financial service provider is not an official approval of an individual, business, or organisation and does not necessarily indicate that the provider is licensed or regulated in New Zealand or any other country.


Advanced searching

Using the advanced search option you can customise your search in several ways.  For example, you can search for an FSP:

  • of a certain type
  • for particular name statuses (e.g. current, previous or alias)
  • registered for a specific financial service (for example, a non-bank deposit taker, a registered bank, etc) or
  • with a certain address.


How to do an advanced search

From the Online Services - Do It Now menu choose Advanced search.

You can search for an FSP using either their name or their registration number.

  • FSP type
    • All types (default) or
    • choose specific types - for example, only individuals, New Zealand registered entities, or other entities.
  • Search options
    • All names including current, previous and aliases (default) or
    • choose to search only for the name as a current name, a previous name or an alias.
  • Financial services
    • All financial services (default) or
    • choose specific financial services (for example, a non-bank deposit taker, a registered bank, etc).

      Note | To search for a provider within a specific financial service you must also include search criteria for an FSP's name or part of an address.
  • Address keywords - To refine your search to include only specific address keywords (such as a street name, city, postal code, or country)


What information is held on the Register?

The Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) is a publicly available, electronic register, kept by the Registrar of Financial Service Providers (FSPs). 

When you do a search of the FSPR you can:

  • identify registered FSPs
  • find an FSP's business address
  • view the financial services an FSP is registered to provide, and
  • see which dispute resolution scheme an FSP belongs to (if it does belong to one). 


Contents of the register

The register contains the following information about each registered Financial Service Provider (FSP):

  • Their name, along with any trading names
  • Their registration number (FSP number) and registration date
  • Their business address
  • If the FSP belongs to an approved dispute resolution scheme, the name and address of the scheme
  • The financial services they are registered to provide, including any licensed service (for example, AFAs or QFEs)
  • The name and address of any relevant licensing authority (for example, the Financial Markets Authority for AFAs and QFEs)
  • Details of any changes recorded on the register (FSPR).


Last updated 26 October 2017