Getting authority to update records

Request authority to manage an FSP's information online

Registered individuals, directors and some authorised people such as accountants or lawyers can be granted authority to update information and complete transactions on a financial service provider's (FSP) online services account.

Who can apply for authority

The person or organisation who registers the FSP will be automatically granted authority for that FSP. After registration others can request authority.

Information you need to provide

The information you provide depends on whether you're requesting authority as an individual or on behalf of an organisation.


If you're an individual, you need to provide us with proof of your identity — a driver's licence or passport. You can send this to us by:

  • uploading it when you complete your online application for authority, or
  • faxing it to us.

Fax: 0508 437 732


If you're requesting authority on behalf of your organisation, you must send us a signed Letter of Authorisation.

This letter of authorisation must:

  • be printed on your organisation's letterhead
  • state that your organisation has authority to make changes for the FSP you're requesting authority for, and
  • include the name and number of the FSP you're requesting authority for.

The following template sets out the information you must provide.

You can send this to us by:

  • uploading it when you complete your online application for authority, or
  • faxing it to us.

Fax: 0508 437 732

How to request authority online

To apply for authority, you must have:

  • a RealMe® login
  • an online services account with the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR).

To request authority, log in and follow these steps.

  1. Search the register for the FSP you want authority for.
  2. Select Request authority from the My tools menu.
  3. Confirm whether you're requesting authority for yourself or your organisation.
    • If you're the director of a company registered on the FSPR, select the Individual option followed by the Director option. Select your name from the list that appears.
    • If you're maintaining registrations on behalf of an organisation that you work for, select the second option — I want to request authority on behalf of my organisation.
  4. Choose Browse or Choose file to upload your:
    • proof of your identity, if you're an individual
    • letter of authorisation, if you're applying for authority as an organisation — unless you prefer to fax this to us.
  5. If you prefer to fax your ID or letter of authorisation, select the check box instead.
  6. Select the check box if you can confirm you're legally entitled to file the documents.
  7. Select Submit authority request.

How we process an authority request

We process requests for authority within 3 working days, and confirm by email whether your request has been accepted or rejected.

Who can grant authority

Only we can grant authority over an FSP.

There are different levels of FSP authority and confidentiality rules that apply to the FSP authority management system.

Once you have authority for an FSP, when you use the FSP Details screen you'll see an Authority tab. What you see here depends on your level of authority.

  • Executive Authority is assigned to:
    • individual FSPs
    • directors of NZ-registered entities and other entities when they register.
  • All others can only be granted authority as an authorised person.

Executive authority

If you have Executive Authority, you have access to the details of everyone who is authorised to use your account. You can view:

  • any pending applications, and
  • historical data for authority requests.

Authorised people

An authorised person, such as an accountant or lawyer, can't see details of other individuals who are authorised to maintain the FSP. This is to ensure confidentiality.

Who can revoke authority

Only we can revoke Executive Authority. Users with Executive Authority can revoke authority for other people who have been authorised to maintain the FSP. An authorised person can't revoke their own authority.

You may ask us to revoke authority via email

If you have an individual user account, then the email must come from you and include your name and the FSP number that the authority is registered over. If you have an organisation user account then the email must come from the administrator of the organisation or a director of the organisation, and must include the name and FSP number that the authority is registered over.


Once a request for revocation has been accepted, you will receive an email to confirm that authority has been revoked.

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