The Financial Service Providers Register was updated in March 2021 to support the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Act 2019. This new Act made significant changes to the way financial advice is regulated and delivered in New Zealand.

Lenders and mobile traders

Lenders providing consumer credit, and mobile traders selling on credit, need to be certified by the Commerce Commission.

FAPs linking to financial advisers

Financial advisers need to be covered by a licensed Financial Advice Provider (FAP) licence. Find out how a FAP engages (links to) a financial adviser on the new FSPR.

Annual confirmation

To remain registered as an FSP, every year you must confirm your FSP's details and services. Find out how to file your confirmation on the new FSPR.

News and notices

We've switched off our fax service

We switched off our fax services on Friday 19 November 2021. This means you can no longer send us queries by fax but there are other ways to contact us that are faster and more secure.

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Reregistration notice — Financial service providers

Notice of reregistration of 4 financial service providers.

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