Before filing your annual confirmation

What you need to know before you begin filing

As a financial service provider (FSP), you’re required to confirm your registration details with us each year, in the month you selected when you registered. This means letting us know the services you offer, and the details for your FSP –  and demonstrating that you're operating legally, and meeting the threshold requirements.

Why it’s important to file an annual confirmation

If you don't file an annual confirmation, we may assume that you're no longer in the business of providing a financial service, and deregister your FSP registration.

When you need to file

When you apply to register as an FSP, you’re assigned a month in which to file your annual confirmation.

  • If you’re an entity with an NZBN , the filing month in the online application form will default to the filing month in the source register.
  • If you’re not an NZBN-registered entity, the filing month will default to the month you apply for registration as an FSP.

If you wish, you can select another month to file your annual confirmation, but it cannot be December or January.

You can also change your filing month at a later date.

Filing your first annual confirmation

There’s no need to file an annual confirmation for your FSP in the calendar year of its registration. For example, if your FSP was registered in 2020, its first annual confirmation would be due in 2021, in the month you were allocated or chose.

Reminder emails

On the first day of the month that your annual confirmation is due, we’ll email you a reminder, and send another reminder in the third week of the month. If you still haven't filed your annual confirmation at the beginning of the following month, we’ll send a final reminder to tell you that it's overdue.

These reminders will be sent to the email address you’ve provided as the ‘address for communication’ on your registration, and to anyone you give authority to update your registration details.

Make sure you're set up online

Before you can file an annual confirmation, you must have:

  • a RealMe login
  • an online services account with the FSPR
  • authority to update the details on the register for the FSP.

Check your details before you start

When you file your annual confirmation, you’ll be asked to confirm that the details held on the register about your FSP are correct and up to date. If changes are necessary, you cannot ‘save and exit’ you would need to update your details and start again. So, it’s a good idea to check before you begin filing.

You’ll need to log in to your online services account to review your details, and make any corrections. This may also mean refreshing information on another register, for example, the Companies Register.

Fees and levies for an annual confirmation

There is a fee of $75 (plus GST) to file an annual confirmation, and $35 (plus GST) for each criminal history check that's required. You’ll also need to pay any levies that apply to your FSP and the services you offer, for example, to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

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